My first book, 'Nik Coppin's Comedy World' is now available on Amazon.

Click on the cover image to purchase a copy.

Amazon customer reviews:

"Between the funny stories and the ace drawings there is something in this book for everyone"


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book full of crazy, funny anecdotes! Very uplifting, warmly written and informative. I used to be sure that Wolverine would beat Spiderman in a fight but now I know better"

"This book is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny! It's part comedy, part auto-biographical, and at times, touching, poignant and surprisingly philosophical"

As well as the live stand-up comedy and writing, I often do commissions for caricatures.

If you want a personalised drawing of yourself, friend or family member as a superhero, in their favourite sports team's kit etc, or with a beloved pet, check out the price list below.


They have made for very unique gifts, so give me a holler on or

A3 Caricature

One character:

£50 including postage & packing

Two characters:

£70 including postage & packing

Three characters:

£80 including postage & packing

Also for your viewing pleasure, my DVD, 'Globetrotter'!

Filmed in the intimate surroundings of SUP Comedy in Frankfurt, Germany, a jolly time was had performing to an audience of Germans and people from all over the planet.

Included are some clips of my shows in Dubai, Singapore, Cambodia and Australia, as well as some very special animations.

If you'd like a copy of these fun and varied performances on DVD for the very reasonable price of £5 including postage and packing, please email me on or

"The banter is slick and engaging....immensely likeable and refreshingly uncynical"

Edinburgh Fringe

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